Warren London Instant Ear Cleaner 4oz

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Warren London’s Instant Ear Cleaner is a natural eucalyptus-based formula used to loosen and remove ear wax.  Instant Ear Cleaner provides instant relief to the ear canal with a soothing feeling.  This product can also reduce inflammation caused by a mite infestation.  Many dogs also pick up unpleasant odours in their ear, and Instant Ear Cleaner was also formulated to reduce and eliminate any odours.  This cleaning solution can be used daily if needed.

To Use: Lift ear flap and apply 3-6 drops of Instant Ear Clear into the ear canal. Using your hand or towel, gently massage in a circular motion so that the liquid moves around to all parts of the ear. You can use a BambooStick, cotton ball or paper towel to gently clean excess dirt. You may then apply 2-4 more drops and let your dog naturally shake out any excess solution.

  • Loosens & removes ear wax

  • Soothes and releases

  • Reduces inflammation caused by mite infestations

  • Eliminates odours