Virkon Prof 2.5kg

Virkon Professional 2.5kg

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Virkon™ PROFESSIONAL broad-spectrum disinfectant is independently proven effective against key companion animal disease-causing organisms such as; Canine parvovirus (CPV), Feline leukaemia virus (FeLV), and animal origin MRSA.

The broad-spectrum efficacy of Virkon™ PROFESSIONAL has been independently proven against:
- Over 100 strains of viruses in 22 viral families
- Over 400 strains of bacteria
- Over 60 strains of fungi and yeasts
Superior Operator Safety - Extensive investment has been made to assess the safety of Virkon™ PROFESSIONAL users. The assessment demonstrates that Virkon™ PROFESSIONAL is not corrosive to skin and does not cause sensitisation.

A significant number of safety, toxicological, materials compatibility and efficacy supporting studies and test reports are available.
2.5kg powder.

1:100 solution (10 grams of Virkon™ Professional to every 1 litre of water).