Kennel Mattress

Purfect Kennel Mattresses with ThermoBlocker

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Purfect Kennel Mattresses with Reflect-A-Therm for use in cages or kennels, or for bedding.

  • Easy clean care.

  • Encourages patients to relax.

  • Helps prevent pressure sores.

  • Can be made to measure to your requirements.


ThermoBlocker™ Reflect-A-Therm:

  • The top reflective layer returns nearly 80% of the radiant heat from the patient.

  • Any heat that passes through this first layer is slowed by the insulating bubbles and kept in the material by the second reflective layer.

  • Almost no heat passes all the way through the ThermoBlocker™.

  • Excellent for patients recovering from anaesthesia, recumbent patients or emergencies.
    Indeed any situation where hypothermia may occur or where it is already compromising patient care.