DezynaDog Pluck-It Powder for Hand-Stripping and Plucking

DezynaDog Pluck-It Powder for Hand-Stripping and Plucking

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Stripping those tricky wiry coats causing you grief? We know what you wanna say… “PLUCK IT!”

Plucking doggy ear hairs and hand-stripping can be a time-intensive, painful process. However, it’s essential to get rid of those long, dull hairs to keep their coats looking thick, shiny, and healthy.

Pluck-It Powder is just what you need to give your fingers extra grip, making the process of hand-stripping and plucking much easier and less uncomfortable for the pooch. Combine with Finger’Em finger cots to make the process even easier.

Give this special powder a try and never groan at the sight of a Schnauzer again!


  • 100% zinc oxide.
  • 90g

Fun Fact

Wire coated dogs were bred for outdoor work, and as a result they evolved so that their hairs would fall out when caught in weeds and plants, rather than tangling. Hence why they need to be plucked!


  • Sprinkle Pluck-It! Powder on your fingers and rub together before starting plucking.

Zinc Oxide

Zinc oxide is a common ingredient in human cosmetics like sunscreen as well as nappy rash and barrier creams. It’s non-allergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.