ComPoost'Em compostable poo bags

ComPoost'Em compostable poo bags

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Part of the solution, not pollution!

Did you know a plastic dog poo bag can take up to 1000 years to break down? And Brits throw away over a BILLION plastic bags every year. These fill up landfills and leave behind harmful microplastics that pollute our soil.

Compoost’Em are the plant-based alternative that are kind to the earth! Compoost’Em bags are made from cornstarch and other residues so they break down naturally in just a few months.

We’ve made sure the production of Compoost’Em bags is as energy efficient as possible to reduce our CO2 emissions. Even the packaging is recycled!


  • 6 rolls of 10 bags.
  • Only 7p per bag.
  • Certified 100% compostable (EN13432)
  • Completely biodegrade in 6 months.
  • Made from cornstarch and other raw residues.
  • No oil used, so no microplastics left behind.
  • Recycled card packaging.


  • 32 x 22cm

By the year 3000…

You could:

  • Travel to Pluto and back over 50 times
  • Walk all the way around the world over 44 times
  • Watch every episode of The Simpsons over 29,000 times

… and a plastic poo bag you threw out in 2021 could still have 20 years left to decompose!

What About Biodegradable Bags?

Biodegradable or oxo-degradable bags are still not an ideal solution to plastic pollution. They contribute to polluting soil and the oceans with microplastics and can still have negative environmental effects.


Suitable for home and industrial composting or disposing of in any dog waste bin. Do NOT put in your garden waste bin. Do NOT use dog poo compost on edible plants. 

Keep bags away from babies, children, and animals.