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BambooStick Buds in Ziplock Pouch L/XL

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BambooStick is a cotton bud, originally designed for ear care in dogs, however other uses include for hemostasis in hard-to-reach areas, or after dental extraction; during cat spays; applying cells to microscope slides; applying solutions to wounds etc.

  • Enhanced cotton head for effective and complete cleaning.

  • 12 times more absorption capacity than a standard ‘human’ cotton bud.

  • Quick and easy to use.

  • Ecologically friendly, 100% biodegradable.

  • Designed and approved by veterinarians.

  • Sterilisable - 130°C for one hour.

  • Optimised for cleaning the pinna and vertical canal.

Now available in two sizes suitable for either small/medium or large/extra large dogs.

 "Even in cases of heavy secretion, after irrigating the ear with cleaning liquid, 2 or 3 BambooStick are enough to perform a complete cleaning of the dog's ear"
Dr. Fabrice Lauby, Clinique Veterinaire